BC Cannabis Entrepreneurs Raise $9.6 Million

Trent Kitsch, Jeff Barber, and Ryan Foreman have already founded, scaled, and commercialized several Canadian success stories, including DOJA / HIKU, a vertically integrated cannabis lifestyle brand and brand house, and SAXX, a premium apparel brand. So, when it came time for the seasoned entrepreneurs to capitalize their newest venture, speed, efficiency and a broad reach— digital marketing was top of mind.

Stately Cannabis Brands plans on tapping into the team’s proven expertise in cannabis, branding and consumer packaged goods to develop an emerging cannabis brand that has the potential to become a market leader. And that’s where DealMaker stepped in.

The deal was quarterbacked by Pushor Mitchell LLP, a premier regional firm based in British Columbia. Using DealMaker, Stately Cannabis Brands and Pushor Mitchell were able to reach and close retail investors based around the world— leveraging the power of the internet. In just a matter of weeks, the company brought in approximately $9.6 million from over five hundred investors, all while based in their hometown of Kelowna, British Columbia.

We had access to an unprecedented depth and richness of insight with DealMaker. The ability to understand and adapt to our investors’ progress was a real game-changer. Jeff Barber, founding partner and CEO, Stately Brands Cannabis Ltd.

DealMaker also unlocked tremendous efficiencies for the issuer’s counsel. DealMaker helped the firm deliver nimble, cost-efficient solutions to a key client, while focusing its attention on providing high-value legal advice rather than pushing paper— a game changer for capital raises.

The use of the DealMaker platform reduced the number of email exchanges and phone calls, resulting in a more efficient process overall. DealMaker made it easy to keep track of the progress of our client’s financing. Keith Inman, Partner, Pushor Mitchell LLP

Trent, Jeff and Ryan know how to create excitement, they know how to operate efficiently, and they know how to build a business. And for Keith at Pushor Mitchell, reputation, client service and excellence are paramount. Where speed, efficiency and quality are critical, issuers and counsel need a reliable solution that keeps up with the pace of the markets and that's where DealMaker delivers.

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