Luxury Edibles Brand Cooks Up a World Class Raise

This edition of Deals Deconstructed showcases Hervé Edibles, a Canadian company making luxury edibles in the tradition of French pâtisserie making. Read on to find out how DealMaker gave Hervé’s founders the tools to cook up an angel round that, just like their macarons, was homemade but world-class.

Hervé Edibles ( is the dream of two Toronto-based French serial food entrepreneurs: Sébastien Centner and Frédéric Naggar. Inspired by their proud heritage of dessert-making, Hervé makes handmade infused luxury desserts including macarons - almond cookies sandwiched around rich THC-infused buttercream or ganache fillings. Each dazzling macaron is gorgeously hand-painted with 23-karat gold leaf.

Clearly, Hervé has an ultra-premium product and a unique backstory. Sébastien and Frédéric were ready for a capital infusion to take advantage of lucrative retail opportunities in Nevada and other select US jurisdictions. That’s where DealMaker came in.

When he’s not making macarons, Sébastien is an event planner and the founder of an agency that plans million-dollar weddings, luxury car launches, and globetrotting corporate retreats. He’s the kind of guy who wants to run his own angel round and has the skills to do it.

DealMaker allowed Sébastien and Frederic to run their own raise, seamlessly and elegantly. Sébastien, who quarterbacked the financing, took advantage of every aspect of DealMaker’s platform, including a turn-key platform for investor relations, signature management, and funds tracking; and the support of DealMaker’s expert team. DealMaker powered the capital raise while keeping the process seamless and simple.

Sébastien Centner, Founder & Creative Director said:

Working with DealMaker for the closing of Herve was both seamless and efficient. The software made communicating with our investors much easier than traditional methods and the DealMaker team was always available and really helpful throughout the process. We would recommend them highly and plan on using them for our future projects.

67% of investors

filled out their subscription agreements in   

under 7 minutes 

Sébastien leveraged the platform’s investor communication tools to make sure that all his subscribers stayed on task and on time.

Hervé ultimately raised it’s targeted $1.65 million from 15 local investors, which allowed the company to pull off a big retail launch in Nevada with flying colours. And after loving his hands-on experience with DealMaker, Sébastien won’t use anything else going forward.

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