Enterprise Services

An integrated full-service solution for all of your clients’ capital raise needs. Our solution lets you license a white-labelled version of the DealMaker platform to use seamlessly on your site.

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Enterprise Services

Capital Raise

Allow investors a fully digital experience similar to eCommerce best practices to invest in your deals.

Capital Raise

Get full integration into your systems through our API for real-time data transfer into your tech stack.

Capital Raise

Get unparalleled data that empowers you to make informed and strategic decisions for each client & deal.

E2E technology that services all deal types, all volumes, globally.

DealMaker is the only platform that offers a full suite of services including FINRA Broker Dealer, SEC Registered Transfer Agent, Investor Relations CRM, Compass Analytics and predictive modelling, and can host all deal types including warrants and private placements.

  • Fulsome Capital Raise capabilities to handle all needs now and in the future
  • Ability to handle tens of thousands of payments, globally
  • Compliance-first approach with no SEC sanctions
  • API ready to fully integrate with your tech stack

Best Payment Functionality in the Market

Unlike other platforms, we don’t require escrow unless a deal minimum is set. Wires are via ACH or SWIFT and are processed within 30 minutes of receipt.

  • No limit on ACH payments
  • No limit on Credit Card payments
  • Wire is ACH and/or SWIFT
  • Direct auto-payments - no Escrow (we do not force Escrow unless a deal minimum is set)
Reg CF

Trusted by leading global organizations

Companies of all sizes use DealMaker to launch and market their offerings to investors across the globe.

Partner with us and integrate your capital raise data directly into your systems. Get real-time data and analytics on your subscription rate, investor trends, and shareholder insights.


Leverage data; raise more. Find out what access to Compass Analytics can deliver.

Reg D
Our whole process has been simplified and made so much easier by DealMaker’s platform. It’s basically effortless to access our investor list and its accompanying data—we pull all that information once a week, which ensures our records management and payout processes are always running smoothly.
Ryan Ellenburg
Managing Director of Capital Markets, GolfSuites
Reg D
Reg D
What makes the DealMaker platform so valuable to us is the ease and efficiency. We do something that’s not typical of Reg A+ deals—we change our price per share every quarter based on the portfolio’s performance. With DealMaker’s platform, it’s a super simple process. It’s almost effortless to do, but has a massive positive impact for us.
Dutch Mendenhall
Founder & CEO, RAD Diversified
Reg D
Reg D
We launched our first crowdfunding round on a marketplace-style platform in 2021. It was a success, but I realized that being on an aggregator site was kind of watering down our brand. We ultimately selected DealMaker to do our last Reg A financing. It was night and day for us.
Teague Egan
Founder, EnergyX
Reg D
Reg D
The reason I keep recommending DealMaker to many of our clients, is from a cost consideration, they’re incredibly reasonable, and really the care and promptness from informational requests from their team.
Nate Dodson
Attorney, Crowdfunding Lawyers
Reg D
Reg D
We’ve raised capital privately before… using DealMaker through the Reg A we filed was, for the first time, almost effortless. [Investors] found our company, learned about us, and invested directly. It was a major game changer for our brand and our raise.
Troy Levy
CEO & President, Tropical Racing
Reg D
Reg A
We raised over $25 million from investors around the world. DealMaker made the whole process simple and painless.
Dylan White
General Counsel, Synaptive Medical
Equity Crowdfunding
Reg D
DealMaker was instrumental in our client raising over $80 million. The size, scope and efficiency of the offering would not have been possible without the platform and team.
Andrew disipio
Partner, Bennett Jones LLP
Investor Crowdfunding
Reg D

DealMaker is the capital-raising tool of the future.

Conor Kearns
CFO,Carbon Streaming Corp
Capital Raise
Reg D

DealMaker is like a video game. I login and keep seeing the numbers go up and up!

Eli dusenbury
CFO, Chemesis International
Reg A

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