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At DealMaker all team members are empowered to move fast and own their impact - without the fear of making mistakes. A steadfast value developed early on is to “move fast and break things” - if you fall, you get up and try again. At DealMaker, open and transparent channel communication is ingrained in our DNA and way of working. This helps to not only make employees feel more comfortable in the work environment, but often drives innovative thinking by capturing different viewpoints and approaches. The belief in transparency is rooted in the idea that “all ships rise with the tide” - we can build better, and support cross departmental endeavors the more open and transparent we are with one another.

Why Join the team?

Embrace Your Impact

The ability to ‘be the boss of your own job’ and make an impact in the area where you work. Every team member plays a key role in our success. Highlighting ‘ownership’

Push Your Limits

You will learn a ton and be ready for it! You have the opportunity to learn so much about the industry, work cross-functionally etc. (Push Your Limits)

Drive Innovation

You will be pushed to think outside the box and collaborate as a team to building the future of capital raising.

Our E2E Organization

Our SaaS platform powers online capital raises for entrepreneurs, founders, and brands ready to digitize their funding rounds. Companies can leverage our tech suite - complete with secure payment rails, investor analytics, and API integrations. Adding an "Invest Now" button to your website is seamless and on top of our tech, we offer end-to-end solutions and expertise to guide you.

Our in-house marketing agency DealMaker Reach is regarded as the best in the industry and offers full funnel investor acquisition campaigns to maximize your funding round. Our expert team has specialized in investor acquisition and has helped build and scale the brands of tomorrow.

DealMaker Securities is our affiliated agency of Broker-Dealers who will partner with you to facilitate compliance and filing to market your raise compliantly. We'll work with your legal team to ensure the exemption or deal type meets your brand's overall raise goal and longterm growth plans.

DealMaker Shareholder Services is our integrated transfer agent services and offers a modern and digitized take on investor relations. Shareholder Services gives you access to DealMaker Engage - our investor CRM system that is fully integrated to your subscription flow. Manage and communicate to your shareholders, issue warrants, and more.

Partnership Tiers

1 Deal
4-7 Deals
8+ Deals
Invitation only
Partner insights and analytics: In-depth industry and insights delivered to your inbox on a regular cadence
Branded Collateral:
Elevate your brand with co-branded materials and collateral
DealMaker Exclusive Newsletter Feature: Refer deals and get exposure to issuers through our monthly newsletter
Marketplace membership: Get access to marketplace and get visibility into DealMaker’s deal flow
Co-Marketing Opportunities:
Partners get access to co-hosted panels, webinars, events  etc 
Dedicated Landing Page:
Dedicated, co-branded landing page on Dealmaker's domain
Bespoke solutions and Benefits:
Reach out to your Partner Manager for more details
Bronze Tier begins immediately after your first deal closes and lasts based on trailing twelve months (TTM). Silver Tier begins with four or more referred, closed deals (based on TTM). Gold Tier begins with eight or more referred, closed deals for an individual (based on TTM). Platinum Tier is exclusive to our top referral partners and is invite only.
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GolfSuites is an immersive, entertainment-filled environment bringing year-round entertainment, game improvement and fun to millions of people throughout the US. As the company looks to expand into new markets, they decided to raise capital online, powered by DealMaker - using a unique strategy to drive higher reinvestment rates. Here's how they did it.