DealMaker Compass: Machine Learning on Investor Targeting

Austin, Texas -- DealMaker

DealMaker, the leading capital raising technology platform, today announced the launch of DealMaker Compass, an analytics suite of products that includes a patent pending Investor Ranking Algorithm powered by machine learning. This technology “scores” potential investors on a propensity scale from A+ to D, unlocking issuers’ ability to understand and predict the probability of funding from each investor, and ultimately quantify the expected value of their offering funnel.

“We developed DealMaker Compass to enhance issuers’ understanding of prospective investors by providing AI-driven insights that highlight which investors make the most sense to pursue,” said Gerónimo De Abreu, CTO at DealMaker. “It gives issuers the tools to make the funding process faster, more efficient, more purposeful and more targeted.”

The DealMaker Compass suite helps issuers and partners optimize the capital they raise on the DealMaker platform. It shows issuers exactly where potential investors are in the buying cycle, whether they have submitted payment for funding, what channels they came through, and how to identify high value raises.

“Accessing large amounts of data is not the problem anymore,” said Mark Yamashita, Head of Product at DealMaker.“Understanding what that data means for your business is. The DealMaker Compass allows issuers to use advances in AI and analytics to extract valuable insights from all this data, and those insights will help them raise higher amounts of capital more efficiently.”

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About DealMaker

DealMaker is on a mission to create the most sophisticated capital markets tools on the planet, empowering capital to flow faster. It offers a suite of primary issuance, shareholder management, and capital raising solutions including investor ranking algorithms and data analytics tools to support all global private placements exemptions. Its innovative technology was designed to enable organizations to own and control exempt market raises to get the money they need, faster. DealMaker puts forward-thinking organizations in control to run streamlined, successful capital raises in one centralized platform. The company’s offices are located in Toronto, Canada, Austin, Texas and Tampa, Florida. Visit for more information.

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