DealMaker Ranks No.2 on Fast Company’s 100 Best Workplaces for Innovators

Sitting in 2nd place out of 100 companies that include Adobe, Spotify, Nvidia, IBM, Morgan Stanley, and more

Fast Company today announced its fifth annual Best Workplaces for Innovators list, honoring organizations and businesses that demonstrate an inspiring commitment to encourage and develop innovation at all levels. DealMaker has earned the position of No. 2 on Fast Company’s 2023 100 Best Workplaces for Innovators list as well as winning the International title for Best Workplace for Innovators.

Developed in collaboration with Accenture, the 2023 Best Workplaces for Innovators ranks 100 winners from a variety of industries, including entertainment, biotech, consumer packaged goods, marketing, education, healthcare, and many more. Fast Company editors and Accenture researchers collaborated together to score nearly 1,000 submissions, and a panel of eight distinguished judges reviewed and endorsed the top 100 companies. The 2023 awards feature workplaces from around the world.

“As a company driven to disrupt the decades-old antiquated industry of the capital markets, it is an absolute honor to be recognized as an innovative workplace by Fast Company. We fully embrace our value of ‘Our Business is Change’. It reinforces the belief that we’re comfortable where others are not - we need to constantly live in the mindset of adaptation and agility,” says DealMaker CEO and Co-Founder Rebecca Kacaba.

DealMaker has embraced the new global, remote workforce and the result is a group of exceptional subject matter experts and top tier talent. With investment and dedication to expanding their team across internationally, DealMaker is growing by about 89% across North & South America.

“As a tech company, we thrive outside the box and truly embrace the idea of a global tech company. A steadfast value of DealMaker developed early on is to “move fast and break things” - if you fall, you get up and try again. From day one, all team members are empowered to move fast and own their impact - without the fear of making mistakes. ” says Co-Founder and CSO, Mat Goldstein.

DealMaker is on a mission to make online capital raising mainstream. DealMaker’s platform is tearing down barriers to entry for the underfunded, while permitting consumers access to new investment opportunities in private companies and startups - which previously was available only to a very few Wall Street insiders. Access to pre-IPO investment opportunities are the biggest opportunity for wealth building that were previously typically reserved for the very few. Our tech along with regulation crowdfunding exemptions such as Reg CF and Reg A, will open up these opportunities to everyday average citizens.

In only five short years, DealMaker has powered over 770 offerings for founders and brands and has processed over 1 Million investments totaling over $1.84 Billon (USD) - outperforming all competitors in North America. DealMaker has been trusted by brands like Parker Clay, Pacaso, Miso Robotics and Monogram which recently listed on Nasdaq following their Reg A raise on DealMaker’s platform.

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Fast Company’s Best Workplaces for Innovators issue (Summer 2023) is available online now, and the print issue will be on newsstands beginning July 18, 2023. Join the Best Workplaces for Innovators conversation using #FCBestWorkplaces.

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