Draganfly Leverages DealMaker for Reg A and Post-IPO Warrants

Draganfly is a leading provider of advanced aerial imaging technology and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The company’s state-of-the-art UAVs are used in a wide range of applications, including mapping, surveying, and inspection. Draganfly was already listed on the OTC market when it decided to raise capital through a Reg A+ offering.

To manage the complex process of raising capital from a large number of retail investors, Draganfly turned to DealMaker, and our platform made it easy for Draganfly to manage the influx of investors and their investment funds. Our intuitive interface allowed Draganfly to quickly and easily create and manage investment tickets, ensuring that each investor was allocated the correct amount of capital. This allowed Draganfly to raise the necessary capital quickly and efficiently, without the need for manual intervention or the risk of errors.

We also helped Draganfly handle the oversubscription of its offering (a great problem to have). Our sophisticated algorithms and built-in refund management tool made the refund process seamless.

The success of Draganfly’s Reg A+ offering allowed the company to use the momentum of the offering to list on NASDAQ. The marketing that the company did for the Reg A+ offering also helped to generate interest in the company’s stock, increasing its visibility among investors.

DealMaker powers successful Reg A+ Raise for Draganfly

  1. Acquired 2348 new investors
  2. Raised $16.48M
  3. Successfully were oversubscribed - kept the momentum to list on NASDAQ

In addition to using DealMaker to manage its Reg A+ offering, Draganfly is continuing to use the platform to process thousands of warrant exercises as they expire on a rolling basis. DealMaker is the only platform that currently does this digitally---transforming an incredibly complicated task into a smooth, efficient process. Our intuitive interface and powerful tool of our tech make it easy to handle complex processes, ensuring that investors are able to exercise their warrants smoothly and efficiently.

From Reg A+, to warrants, to their NASDAQ listing - Draganfly has had an incredibly successful journey for raising capital and acquiring investors. Our tech helped to turn complex processes into an easy and intuitive digital interface. As a result, Draganfly has been able to raise the capital it needs to continue its growth and expansion, and to increase its visibility among investors.

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