Driving Innovation in Golf: How GolfSuites Raised An Additional $3.5M+ Using DealMaker’s Tech

The game of golf, a cherished blend of precision, patience, and passion, has long captured the hearts of enthusiasts and professionals alike. From sprawling greens to meticulously designed courses, the sport embodies a unique combination of skill and leisure. However, behind the serene landscape lies an industry grappling with a series of formidable challenges.

The golfing world, while rich in tradition, is not impervious to cultural shifts. Declining participation among younger generations, time constraints faced by modern individuals, and the need for enhanced accessibility are some of the hurdles that have come to the forefront. In the face of these obstacles, a new breed of entrepreneurial spirits has emerged, harnessing innovation and technology to drive the sport forward and secure its enduring relevance.

Introducing GolfSuites: an immersive, entertainment-filled environment bringing year-round entertainment, game improvement and fun to millions of people throughout the US. GolfSuites venues feature high-tech gamified golf, outdoor climate-controlled suites, handcrafted cocktail & dining menus, live entertainment, and spaces for both social & corporate functions—which means they offer something for everyone, from first-time novices to seasoned players looking to up their game.

GolfSuites Tulsa (Source: Wallace Design Collective)

GolfSuites: The Highlights

There are currently three GolfSuites locations up and running—and they have served as powerful validators of GolfSuites’ model, generating more than $9 million in revenue just last year. As the company looks to expand into new markets, the GolfSuites team knew they wanted to give their customers, followers, and fans the opportunity to share in their future success—so they decided to raise capital online, powered by DealMaker.

Total amount raised in this offering: $3.51 million

Offering type: Regulation A+

Number of investors: 1,002

GolfSuites’ Winning Gameplay Strategy:

Combining Price Changes with Dividend Payouts

In order to entice investors and drive higher reinvestment rates, GolfSuites has employed a unique strategy with their past three Reg A raises. First, they periodically adjust the price per share, based on the company’s growth—demonstrating continued traction as time goes on. This process, which is typically slow and tedious, has been totally transformed into a quick and easy task, thanks to DealMaker’s price change tool.

“What used to take an endless amount of emails and follow-up is now something I can control myself and handle in less than a minute. Everything works seamlessly!” - Ryan Ellenburg, Managing Director of Capital Markets at GolfSuites

In addition to using dynamic pricing tools, GolfSuites also offers its shareholders an 8% annual dividend, paid monthly, giving their investors the opportunity to start enjoying a return on investment much faster.

“The whole process of paying out monthly dividends has been simplified and made so much easier by DealMaker’s platform,” Ellenburg said. “It’s basically effortless to access our investor list and its accompanying data—we pull all that information once a week, which ensures our records management and payout processes are always running smoothly. We’ll definitely continue to use DealMaker’s platform as we continue to scale.”

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