Google Cloud Accelerates DealMaker AI Innovation

We are excited to announce that Google Cloud has selected DealMaker to join its Google Cloud Startup Program. This is a huge honor that comes with $100K in credits we will use to accelerate our AI innovation in the fintech space, using Google Cloud’s robust suite of AI tools. This collaboration arms us with the resources to quickly and efficiently scale and expand operations. 

At the heart of our growth strategy is a commitment to leveraging AI to optimize the end-to-end investor experience—making buying shares as easy as buying shoes. Google Cloud’s support will help us drive innovation and integrate AI enhancements that will make online capital raising even faster, easier and more accessible for our issuers and partners. We plan to integrate AI applications at multiple points in the capital raising process from investor flow to shareholder management, with our primary objective to drive efficiency that will increase investor conversion. 

“Google Cloud’s support helps us in our mission to build the most sophisticated capital markets tool on the planet,” says Rebecca Kacaba, CEO & Co-Founder of DealMaker. “There is no better way to achieve this than to weave AI capabilities throughout our platform for ease of use for both investors and issuers.””

By integrating AI into the incredibly complex capital raise process, DealMaker—now leveraging Google Cloud’s sophisticated AI technologies—can continue to push the needle forward for capital raising and equity crowdfunding.  

“We are extremely excited to join the Google For Startups Cloud Program for our development initiatives,” states DealMaker’s CTO Geronimo De Abreu. “The program will play a pivotal role in our optimization initiatives with a focus on AI implementation throughout our capital raising flow.” 

"The Google For Startups Cloud Program doesn’t accept just any company," says DealMaker CRO and former Google Cloud Executive Chris Adamkowski. "Google Cloud makes calculated bets on the most impressive industry leading innovators who have the best opportunity to deliver outsized value in their space. Google Cloud is a very well matched partner for DealMaker."

“We’re thrilled to welcome DealMaker into our global Google Cloud Startup Community,” said Ryan Kiskis, Director, Startup Ecosystem, Google Cloud. “We look forward to connecting the team with the technology, community, and resources they need to build faster and easier.”

Joining the Google for Startups Cloud Program is an exciting milestone for DealMaker. At this new juncture, our focus is to refine the platform and innovate the service offering to make online capital raising mainstream.

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