Graze raises $5 million Reg A+ on DealMaker to enable its cutting-edge company that is revolutionizing the landscaping industry

Building the future of Landscaping Industry

Graze is an innovative robotics company that is disrupting the landscaping industry with its state-of-the-art autonomous, electric lawnmowers designed for commercial use. By streamlining the mowing process and enabling businesses to run like clockwork, Graze intends to increase landscaping margins through robotic mowers that are 100% autonomous.

  • The innovative lawnmower uses machine learning and computer vision to map job sites, plan and execute mowing paths, and avoid obstacles reducing overall labor costs.
  • One of the key features of these modern mowers is their 100% electric design, which eliminates the need for costly fuel.
  • Graze ran a successful Reg A+ campaign on DealMaker's powerful online capital-raising platform, raising $5 million from more than 2,400 investors.

Graze innovative lawnmower uses machine learning and computer vision

The Autonomous Lawnmower transforming Commercial Landscaping

The US commercial landscaping industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years, valued at over $128 billion. However, this growth has been accompanied by several challenges that have plagued companies in the sector. For one, labor costs are high, making it difficult for businesses to remain competitive in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Furthermore, margins are low and irregular, leaving many commercial landscaping companies vulnerable to sudden shifts in demand or the emergence of new competitors. Despite these challenges, Graze recognizes innovation's value as critical to transformational change in the commercial landscaping industry. 

By incorporating machine learning, computer vision, and robust sensor systems, Graze has created a mower capable of mapping and navigating even the most complex job sites intelligently. Whether it's carefully avoiding obstacles like trees or steep terrain or gathering data to continuously improve its performance in terms of efficiency and aesthetic quality. Some of the key features of Graze's lawnmowers is their electric design, which eliminates the need for costly fuel and the actuated mow deck allowing the mower to adjust mowing height based on grass length. Not only does this eliminate the need to buy gas or oil, but it also allows users to switch between different types of terrain easily and gives them more control over the speed and cutting height of the blades. Landscape companies can cut operating costs and increase their profits by deploying Graze mowers during evening hours. Equally important, by using greener alternatives like Graze's electric mowers, operators can help reduce their overall environmental impact.

Graze Raise $5 Million Reg A+ via DealMaker Reach Investor Acquisition

When Graze decided to pursue an equity crowdfunding campaign, they chose DealMaker as their partner for their self-hosted capital raise. 

We took a multi-channel approach to maximize Graze's return on investment for their marketing campaign, and our in-house agency DealMaker Reach ran an omni-channel campaign leveraging Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Google discovery, search, as well as leveraging  multiple media partnerships, and Jerry News. Our highest-performing channels were paid social prospecting, discovery retargeting, partnerships, and TikTok. These channels delivered an average funded ROAS (return on ad spent) of 194%, 214%, 255%, and 204%, respectively. 

While the campaign was live,, we assisted Graze host multiple webinars to guide and convert investors that were stalled. By the end of the campaign, we had helped Graze reach a total of 443 investors, of which 25% went on to invest, resulting in a total funding amount of an incremental $445,208. Leveraging our patent-pending investor scoring and funnel tagging capabilities meant we could track investor activity and optimize our marketing channel investments and tactics to drive subscriptions and optimize ROI.

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