Resources Company Strikes a Vein With DealMaker

Due to legal restrictions, client confidentiality is maintained throughout this case study - a monumental story that we could not miss the chance to share with our network.

Every successful mining project starts with the right tools. That’s why seasoned mining professionals raising capital choose DealMaker.  In this case, the founders of an international resources company seeking to broaden its shareholder base and recruit new capital— were ambitiously targeting a $10,000,000 raise with a few hundred new shareholders. Using the DealMaker platform to streamline the investment process, the founders were able to bring in 1,173 investors and over $14,000,000 in just under three weeks.

DealMaker made the raising process strikingly simple. The platform accommodated thousands of investors from all around the world. Our investors were highly impressed with how simple DealMaker made the investing process. We could not recommend the platform enough to other businesses looking to raise capital.

Over $14M

raised from

1173 investors


signed in

54 countries



signed within

24 hours


With unparalleled insight into each investor’s submission status, DealMaker makes it easy to tailor messages and reminders for prospective investors that would otherwise fall off. Thousands of cheques and wire transfers were received and reconciled by the DealMaker platform— eliminating hours of manual, painstaking work for the issuer. The company felt confident and in control, knowing that all funds would be carefully tracked and processed by DealMaker’s advanced fund tracking system.

Exceeding expectations, delivering superior support and rising above and beyond projections is what we do. When the mission is to maximize capital and build lasting investor relationships, DealMaker delivers.

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