Unlock Your Investor Data With DealMaker’s API

Integrate your existing tech stack and empower your capital raise with DealMaker's API

With the launch of our new API, any tech-driven organization on our platform can now integrate DealMaker directly into their existing tech stack. Analysts can gain investor insights, developers can let users begin their investment within their own website, and upcoming features  will empower your entire organization with meaningful data. 

What does the DealMaker API do?

First, what is an API? An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a connection between computers or computer programs (typically in real-time or near real-time). Today, talk of APIs usually refer to web APIs, which allow data to move between different apps or websites. Whether it's stock prices or the weather, so much of the information we consume daily travels from one company to another - behind the scenes - feeling seamless to the end-user...

DealMaker's API does just that. It allows your investors to have a seamless experience within your platform and gives organizations with a robust digital investor experience even more power: 

  • Flexible and customizable access to investor data in near real-time, during your raise
  • Ability to analyze and project results based on cadence of interest and amounts invested
  • Retrieve high-level stats about the progress of your raise

Creating an investor directly from your platform

The DealMaker API meets a common request from ambitious technology- and data-driven organizations. Prior to sending their users to the DealMaker platform, those high-performing teams can harness the API to capture an investor's email and name directly on their site–a subtle change that decreases steps to conversion and reduces user interface friction for their investors.  

Real-time updates–get set up the very next day

Any development team, large or small, can be set up the very next day after a 30-minute call. 

Depending on your specific needs, and your organization’s resources, your deals can use sophisticated actions that incorporate our existing webhooks like high-level, real time progress of deals. 

Want to bring investor info into your existing CRM?  Create dashboards that are perfectly tailored for  your team by integrating the current DealMaker API functionalities into your organization's Zapier, Hubspot or CRM. 

Future of the API

We're continually innovating and expanding our product roadmap, just like the  organizations using DealMaker’s technology to run streamlined capital raises.  The upcoming product enhancement focuses on leveraging the API to make our internal processes more efficient, and support organizations like yours even better.

But the DealMaker platform has come a long way since the idea of developing an API sprang years ago to when it was initially fleshed out earlier this year. With the API’s launch, possibilities are limited only by the imagination of your teams–from organizations building customizable questionnaire flows, analysts creating detailed investor profiles, to even growing an app ecosystem. 

Let’s shape the future of digital capital raising 

Be one of the first users of the API! Submit your interest at www.dealmaker.tech/api and share the DealMaker API docs with your developers. Empower your teams, enhance your tech stack, and serve your investors anywhere you want. 

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