Carbon Streaming Raised US$104.9 Million in Non-Brokered Placement in July 2021

“DealMaker is the capital-raising tool of the future, and Carbon Streaming’s investors can expect more similar innovations in every facet of our business in the years to come.”

Conor Kearns
CFO, Carbon Streaming

This image shows the Magnificent Magdalena Bay in Baja California Sur, Mexico. This is where the MarVivo Blue Carbon Conservation Project is located, which is anticipated to be one of the largest blue carbon conservation projects in the world.

As carbon credits increasingly appear in the mandates and strategic plans of corporations and governments around the world, Carbon Streaming [NEO: NETZ] [OTCQB: OFSTF] is focused on acquiring, managing, and growing a high-quality and diversified portfolio of investments in projects and/or companies that generate or are actively involved with voluntary compliance carbon credits. At its core, Carbon Streaming aims to provide financing solutions that accelerate the world’s transition to a net-zero carbon future.

Founder and CEO Justin Cochrane explains: “We had this vision of raising capital and investing in projects around the world that would reduce carbon emissions. It started with a climate focus, and what we’ve taken away is that these projects have a tremendous impact on local communities and in protecting biodiversity. It’s been phenomenal to see the global connection in the world in the last year, and climate change has come back as a primary focus for investors, companies and governments around the world.”

As Carbon Streaming was growing its business, Justin realized the opportunity to leverage a retail audience to raise capital and increase its investor base. The strategy was sound, but posed a number of technical challenges— Justin knew that he needed a technology solution that was not only cost effective, but also allowed him to manage hundreds to potentially thousands of investors.

Carbon Streaming Raise Powered by DealMaker

  1. Closed and onboarded approximately 1,600+ new investors
  2. Raised over US$104 million
  3. Investors' executed their subscription agreements in just 21 minutes on average and funded through cardless digital payment

Without relying on the scale and resources of a large institution, DealMaker gave Justin the tools to allow a significant number of investors to participate in the placement entirely online. It afforded the Company the ability to manage the complexities of accepting US investors concurrently with those from in Canada and international jurisdictions.

“As we thought more about scaling our investor base, the entire premise of digital raising on your own, non-brokered, was completely new to me,” explains Justin.

“There is additional information required from US and international investors, and the need for them to be accredited investors,” says Justin. “Managing that process was difficult, and DealMaker provided a really neat and easy platform that separated US, Canadian and investors from other international jurisdictions. I could modify the agreements and track them on the different portals, which was a massive help.”

With DealMaker’s intuitive interface and conversion-maximizing technology streamlining the majority of “back-office” work, Justin unlocked more capacity to manage the heart of his business— identifying and managing new investments while planning for continued growth.

“I needed to focus on scaling the business. DealMaker gave us the fire power to go out and focus on pursuing new investments.”

The Bonobo Conservation Initiative (BCI) is looking to develop two carbon credit projects in the Bonobo Peace Forest (BPF) located in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Protecting the endangered bonobos is a critical goal of the project.

The Future of Raising Capital?

By leveraging a retail investor base of 1,600+, Justin was able to raise significant capital while simultaneously building awareness about Carbon Streaming and carbon credits as a whole.

“Hardly anyone knew anything about carbon credits when I started the business, but now we have thousands of investors and there is this recognition and excitement of what we’re doing,” says Justin. “It makes my job easier to find new investors and help them understand the business model. The Company was able to scale thanks to having thousands of investors.”

The combination of an innovative mechanism for raising capital and the rapidly evolving technology allowed Carbon Streaming to close a record-breaking offering for a fraction of the costs typically associated with a financing of this magnitude. For Justin, the benefit of DealMaker is clear for Carbon Streaming, and has great potential upside for organizations across other verticals.

“We have access now to other means, contacts, and networks that can help find investors. Once you find your investors you can efficiently transact and finalize documentation, and following closing, transaction details and subscriber information is digitally catalogued in DealMaker's convenient portal which can be accessed anytime— I would recommend it to any business owner.”

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