European Capability : Issuers can raise in North America

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One step closer to a global capital market

Austin, Texas --News Direct-- DealMaker

DealMaker Inc, a leading digital capital raise platform, is the only platform now built for international capital market raises. Launching in September of 2022, UK issuers will now be able to invite investors from the UK, the US, and Canada to participate in their capital raise simultaneously.

This is a groundbreaking event - tackling the regulatory complexity for each market as well as the untapped potential that pre-IPO companies can now unlock.

“This is incredibly exciting for us,” Mat Goldstein, Co-founder & CSO states, “our mission has always been to work towards one global capital market, and this offering is an incredible first step.”

Typically, raising capital has been limited by geography due to unique regulatory bodies and requirements from country to country, even state to state. With this new streamlined approach provided by technology, issuers are able to meet regulatory requirements in a consolidated way, and tap into investor interest around the globe.

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