Investor Ranking Machine Learning for Capital Markets

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” – Carly Fiorina, former executive, president, and chair of Hewlett-Packard Co.

The value of “information” lies at the heart of the capital markets. As countless businesses and ideas jockey for the attention and capital of investors around the world through a complex mix of strategies and tactics, access to (and the ability to understand) information separates the great from the good, and offers a distinct competitive advantage. Raising retail capital is no exception.

So what is DealMaker Compass? 

DealMaker Compass optimizes retail capital raises - it’s an analytics suite built into the DealMaker platform which provides access to critical and detailed information about the characteristics and behaviors of investors (and prospective investors) interacting with an issuer’s offering. Raising retail, the ultimate challenge usually boils down to understanding the “ideal” investor - tracking them down within the offering’s “funnel” or across the broader investment landscape - and identifying the most effective tactics (advertising, investor relations, digital payments) to increase their rate of conversion. 

We spent time with issuers across the markets to build a toolkit that gave them immediate access to the same information they would traditionally be calculating manually, or in convoluted spreadsheets. With that information at their fingertips, more capacity is unlocked to action the insights derived from the data. A game changer for online capital raises.

What’s DealMaker Compass’ Superpower?

Elevated understanding and the ability to drive action are critical components of an analytical strategy. But data about past behavior is not enough to truly transform the path to raising capital online. Within Compass, our team has developed and released our patent-pending investor ranking technology. Powered by internally developed machine learning algorithms, Compass generates a “propensity score” for potential investors in an offering’s funnel indicating their likelihood of completing an investment, informed by a vast swath of data including demographic information and past behavior within the offering/platform.

Ultimately, time is any organization’s most valuable resource, and unlocking efficiency in one facet of the business has a profound ripple effect across other projects and priorities. By allowing teams raising capital online to focus on the investors more likely to convert, and revealing powerful insights directly within the platform, teams looking to raise capital online are able to elevate their operations and optimize the success of their offering. More capacity allows for more complex and powerful offering tactics (to further enhance offering success), or simply additional time to focus on the core of their business while their capital raises is powered by leading technology.

In 2022, access to data is not the challenge - it’s the ability to extract valuable insights from the huge amounts of available data and action them in a way that delivers tangible results. We’re excited to be setting the standard for our customers in what it means to raise capital powered by technology, and we look forward to a new chapter of online capital raises driven by data.

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Geronimo De Abreu


With a diverse background in Computer Engineering, Business founding, and Business Strategy, Geronimo brings the technical leadership and level headed thinking necessary to propel DealMaker to the next level.

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