Marketing Your Capital Raise Right

When looking to raise via a Reg A or Reg CF, optimizing your time and money marketing to potential investors is key to hitting your raise goal. Deploying properly programmed marketing integrations is a fundamental differentiator in optimizing these campaigns to drive the biggest bang for your buck. Return on ad spend (ROAS) is a crucial measurement to ensure your tactics are efficient and optimized.

With marketing integrations, issuers raising capital can gain insight into their potential investors' journeys the same way ecommerce stores track buyer experience. For equity crowdfunding, marketing integrations are critical in uncovering opportunities to drive in more investors and effectively manage the investor pipeline. 

End-to-End Attribution

Attribution is a key tool - it’s how your analytics understand how you won an investor. Your attribution is the model that unlocks the insights into which channel or campaign is working or driving the most value. 

End-to-end attribution tracking provides issuers with the data to develop an in-depth understanding of their full investor journey. Using DealMaker, an investor’s entire investment journey from initial interest to payment is tagged and tracked, allowing for unlimited integration with popular third party tools including Facebook Ads Manager, Google Ads, Hubspot, and more. 

Sophisticated brands can leverage this data and optimize retargeting investors through various channels who have dropped or need a nudge to complete their investment. This is incredibly powerful and typically results in issuer’s dollars being more efficiently allocated to ad spend or email campaigns towards those who are most likely to invest.

Capital Raises for the Digital Age

Tracking and Targeting are key capabilities that will level-up ROAS

Through tracking, issuers gain insight into the sources of their investor traffic, their conversion rate, cost of acquisition, and average investment amount by acquired channel. Accessing and analyzing the tracking data unlocks untapped marketing potential for community rounds. With this data, you now know which channels to target more heavily and can create much more targeted lookalike audiences, which help to maximize CPC (Cost per Click) and CPL (Cost per Lead). Successful offerings use this data in real time to acquire investors for less spend and thereby extracting the maximum value from their marketing budgets.


Being able to access the data provided through marketing integrations and DealMaker also allows for better retargeting initiatives. You can see exactly what channels your lead came through, where they are in the funnel, and how much they pledged to invest before they ‘abandoned cart’. You can spend your money retargeting the right investors in your funnel rather than retargeting every single visitor to your page. 

Sophisticated, yet still simple

DealMaker allows for a simple and robust marketing integration set-up. After setting up your accounts on Google Analytics and retrieving your unique Analytics ID, your DealMaker account manager can integrate your IDs using our existing tracking technology. Now all your marketing data will be tracked and integrated with DealMaker’s analytics for superior investor data - making it easier for you to make better marketing decisions.

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