Miso Robotics “Wasted No Time” in Their Self-Hosted Raise

“DealMaker gave us a really great opportunity to market and advertise and engage with our community and potential investors. We received a white-label solution that just worked seamlessly for our needs.”

Ben Liebling
Director, Wavemaker Labs

Miso Robotics robot Flippy is shown taking fries out of a hot fryer.

Miso Robotics was one of the first companies to come out of Wavemaker Labs. Born from a bet between the Co-Founder of Miso Robotics and the Chief Executive Officer of Cali Group that a robot could not be built to flip a burger, Miso is on a mission to make restaurant operations safer, easier, and friendlier. Ben Liebling joined Wavemaker Labs as a Director and has been able to see the company's fast growth first hand. Thanks to efficient capital raising executed in lockstep alongside technological innovation, the company has thrived and continues to grow rapidly.

“We had conducted previous fundraising rounds on other platforms in the past, and what we were looking for was to test this idea of white-labelling a crowdfunding solution. DealMaker gave us a really great opportunity to do that for Miso Robotics,” Ben explains. “We knew that investors were eager and we needed a solution that was the right fit for our growth.”

After some early success with equity crowdfunding, Miso Robotics was eager to take their offerings to a new level. They had already explored other capital raising solutions and were eager to increase their digital marketing investment. The underlying data to support this has traditionally been hard to come by. They decided the best thing to do was to move to a self-hosted solution powered by DealMaker. Moving into a self-hosted solution allowed Miso Robotics to grow and scale quickly, and importantly gave them full insight into their investment funnel to more efficiently deploy digital marketing and investor relations campaigns.

“The thing that stood out to us about DealMaker was the dedication to any changes we made and to our growth. That was something that was really important for us. The willingness of the team to work with us was key to the success of our partnership,” Ben says. “There was also a lot of openness and transparency when engaging with the team. When working with a vendor you really want to make sure the work relationship is going to be a good fit. The engagement that we saw from the DealMaker team at all levels was outstanding.”

Wavemaker Labs required a sophisticated technology solution in order to begin raising capital for Miso Robotics. They worked closely with DealMaker to make sure that all of these needs were addressed quickly and efficiently. While DealMaker was hard at work ensuring that the solution was ready to power the Miso Robotics raise, the Wavemaker Labs team was able to step back and provide DealMaker with the right feedback to ensure the operations were running smoothly.

DealMaker's Solution

Ben knew that Miso Robotics needed a strong solution to kick off their capital raising the right way. Without investments in the company, Miso Robotics would not have been able to develop new lines of products or continue to build and grow their business. That’s why it was important for the company to acquire investors in new ways. Jon Stidd Co-Founder and CEO of Ridge Growth Agency, leads the digital marketing powering Miso’s investor acquisition.

Flippy— the burger flipping robot by Miso Robotics is shown here flipping burger patties.

“Thanks to DealMaker, Miso Robotics was able to acquire investors in new ways. We didn’t need any publications or influencers, we channeled everything through digital marketing and data driven acquisition,” Jon explains. “DealMaker lets us see exactly how many leads we have, and we are able to target our investors directly. We knew what was working and what wasn’t with our marketing efforts, that level of data granularity helped us market to the right people.” 

DealMaker granted Miso Robotics the power to grow their investor list all on their own. Miso Robotics opted to increase their investment in digital marketing efforts thanks to DealMaker’s advanced analytics, and as a result they saw an 68% increase of their ticket size offerings in comparison to the solutions they used prior to DealMaker.

Miso Robotics Raise Powered by DealMaker

  1. Closed and onboarded 5,394 new investors
  2. Raised over $26.5 Million
  3. 52% of investor funds transacted through cardless digital payment
  4. Average investment order increased by 68% with access to real-time data for remarketing

DealMaker also had the added advantage of being extremely cost effective, thus allowing the company to focus on other more pertinent business challenges.

“One of the many reasons we chose to work with DealMaker was because the solution was cost effective and extremely valuable. Our business focus has been a combination of expanding our products and softwares, alongside hiring and growing the team,” Ben explains.

Along with being cost effective for the goals of the business, the DealMaker solution allowed the company to raise capital quickly to meet their growing needs. “We needed to raise capital quickly, because the company is in a really exciting phase and DealMaker allowed for that. In a short time we have grown from a single product company to a multiproduct line company with partners and customers across North America with a global presence,” Ben says.

The DealMaker solution made raising capital quick and efficient for Miso Robotics, and Dealmaker worked closely with Wavemaker Labs to ensure things were running smoothly.

Customers enjoying a CaliBurger that was made with the help of Flippy.

“Throughout our raise we were able to work with DealMaker in updating the subscription process to reflect dynamic changes to the offering. The team was also able to work with us and advise on what we should be doing with their internal experts,” Ben explains. “This is really what has brought us back to working with DealMaker again and again, having that ability to make changes quickly with agility and having the team by our side advising during those times made it so that no time was ever wasted. The team and technology solution were always ready to go when we were.” 

As a result of being able to move quickly with agility and trust, the DealMaker solution helped Miso Robotics power a successful capital raise. DealMaker allowed for an additional element of speed and flexibility that was needed during this exciting growth stage for the company. “There was never a point where we were waiting on the DealMaker team for anything we wanted to do. The team was always ready to grow and change as our company grew and changed through the different stages of raising.”

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