5 Reasons to Join the DealMaker Team

Built for High Performance Capital Raising. DealMaker is putting forward-thinking organizations in control to run streamlined, successful capital raises. Our proprietary technology provides the tools to manage all aspects of a great capital raise in one centralized platform. But we’re so much more than just our solutions. Our team and our culture drives us forward to ensure that capital raising is easy for any business. In this blog we’re going to highlight the top five reasons to join our team.

1. We Believe That You Can Embrace Your Impact

We love to see our team members show their passion for their work. We believe that in order to really succeed here at DealMaker you need to do what you love. With that being said, we always encourage our team members to own their impact and be their own boss. 

2. We Are Growing With You

DealMaker is a fast growing company with a focus on scaling and moving efficiently with speed. We know that as a growing company there is always a need to learn new skills and push your boundaries. We support and encourage you to always be learning and developing new skills and we will do everything we can to support that growth.

3. We Model Transparency

At DealMaker we pride ourselves on acting with integrity, honesty and transparency. We want our team members to speak up and honestly in difficult situations, because we truly believe that this is how we grow and become successful. 

4. We Have a Winning Culture

When our team wins, we celebrate together. When we lose we assess and make sure we support one another. We know that we can’t always win, that’s part of growing and learning. What’s at the core of our culture is that we support each other whether we win or lose. 

5. We Work With and Hire Brilliant People

It goes without saying that the core of any great company is their people. At DealMaker we ensure everyone is empowered to be a leader and own what they do. In fact, you’ll find here that our employees are gifted in their area of expertise and always willing to coach anyone who wants to learn more.

Interested in Joining Our Team?

The world of FinTech and Capital Markets is continuing to grow with excitement and enthusiasm. DealMaker is at the cutting edge of Capital Markets, and we’re so excited to have you be a part of our growth journey. Be sure to stop by our careers page and take a look at our current open roles.

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