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About DealMaker

Over $1.5B
in capital raised for issuers through DealMaker

Founded in 2018, DealMaker is, transforming the way brands raise capital through democratizing access and harnessing technology. Leading international brands like the NFL’s Green Bay Packers, Osisko Development Corporation, and Carbon Streaming Corporation have relied on DealMaker’s technology to manage large, self-hosted online capital raises. In only 4 years since its inception, DealMaker has powered over $1.5 Billion dollars in capital raised, more than double any leading US counterpart in less than half the operating history.

By delivering transparency, increasing speed, and harnessing technology, DealMaker has risen to become the market leader in online capital raising.

By the Numbers…

Reg A+, Reg CF, Reg D 506(c)

Regardless of your deal type, our platform brings the power of the cloud to your deal. Investors can sign documentation and process payments in minuts. Our investor relations CRM will streamline digital paperwork, while our predictive analytics will ensure a successful deal.

$1.5 Billion
Raised globally
on our platform
Capital Raises
on our platform
processed globally

Meet our Co-Founders

Rebecca Kacaba
CEO & Co-Founder
  • Finalist for EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2022
  • Financial Times - North America’s Most Innovative Lawyers
  • Lexpert’s Top 40 Under 40

Rebecca Kacaba - CEO & Co-Founder

Rebecca is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder ofDealMaker, winner of Lexpert's Top 40 Under 40 andnamed one of North America's most innovative lawyers bythe Financial Times. She practiced law on Bay Street forover 10 years, founded the startup practice group at onelaw firm and was co-chair of the Toronto VentureTechnology and Emerging Growth Companies Group atanother. With her vision and drive, Rebecca has become aleader and trailblazer committed to driving change in thecapital markets and doing business the right way.

Mat Goldstein
CSO & Co-Founder
  • Finalist for EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2022
  • Financial Times - North America’s Most Innovative Lawyers

Mat Goldstein - CSO & Co-Founder

Named one of North America’s most innovative lawyers bythe Financial Times, Mat Goldstien is a proven cross-borderleader. He is the CSO and co-founder of DealMaker, atechnology solution company that puts organizations incontrol to run streamlined, successful capital raises. Called tothe bar in both Ontario, Canada and New York State, Matbrings invaluable experience to the DealMaker team. With afocus on growth, corporate strategy, cross departmentalcohesion and strategic partnership, Mat brings acomprehensive background to decision making andoperational excellence.

Quotes from our Co-Founders

Rebecca Kacaba - CEO & Co-Founder

“Our innovation is advancing the equity crowdfunding space byincreasing access to capital for minority founders and investmentopportunities for those not behind the gilded gates of WallStreet.”

Mat Goldstein - CSO & Co-Founder

“If you want to raise capital on the internet, you don’t have tocustom build your own website; you can use our platform andour payment technology and raise capital globally. And that’strue whether you’re a small brand or if you’re the Green BayPackers, who used our platform for a massive online capitalraise.”

Meet our Marketing Agency President

Jonathan Stidd

Jonathan Stidd - President, DealMaker Reach

With an unmatched entrepreneurial spirit Jonathan Stidd hasspent the last 10 years helping founders live their dreams.Throughout his journey Jon was drawn to digital marketingas it was the nexus of his interests across growth strategy,startups, and innovation. In 2017, he co-founded RidgeGrowth Agency which quickly became the leading digitalmarketing agency for equity crowdfunding - helping theirclients raise a collective $350mm+. Jon continues to helpfounders raise capital as he serves as President, DealMakerReach after Ridge Growth was acquired by leading capitalraise platform DealMaker.

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